A vehicle being used to kill Zombies.

Vehicles are a type of environmental object found in Dead Nation.


Found throughout all levels within the game, vehicles come in two types, cars and other vehicles.

Other VehiclesEdit

Other vehicles include trucks, ambulances, and even motorcycles. While these may contain certain Loot or concealed Enemies, they don't act in the special ways that cars do. They are in effect part of the terrain and can't be interacted with except as map features.


However intact cars (only) are a source of loot, and a handy weapon. Burned out cars can not be interacted with and are just map objects like the other vehicles.


By using the Interact/melee function (R2) at the rear of a car one can open the trunk and receive an amount of loot which varies per difficulty level at 300-600 to up to 1500. In Road to Devastation, Items will often be collected from cars instead of money, thus acting more like a blue crate than a yellow crate.

Cars are an excellent source of loot and money, especially late in the game where weapons and ammo will be an issue.

In Multiplayer, loot acquired from cars will NOT be shared between players. First come, First served.


After taking a fair amount of damage, usually around 6-7 rifle shots or a single charged rifle shot, the vehicle will catch fire. After about five to seven seconds, it will explode, first showing its blast radius as a red circle. 


Some vehicles are equipped with an alarm, which will be activated by a single shot. Vehicles with alarms will be easily identified by red lights blinking in thier windows and doors. Zombies will be drawn to the sound of the alarm and attack the car, and ultimately be destroyed in the blast.

Mouths, Jumpers, and Cutters (types of Special Infected) ignore alarm cars, but will still all take significant damage from any car blast.


  • Cars off-screen will not be damaged by player weapon fire
  • Cars are not damaged by Molotovs
  • Watch for cars that look at first glance to be burned out, but actually are just dirty
  • Occasionally a car that does not appear to have flashing lights will still turn out to have an alarm
  • While you can't get loot from cars you can't physically reach, you can still employ their alarms and explosions to target enemies, including sometimes enemies that you can't directly reach
  • Ambulances will often contain a Health Pack in the rear bay
  • Flashing lights on trucks have no effect: there is no alarm
  • Whenever you see a truck, consider that concealed xombies may burst out of it