A vehicle being used to kill Zombies.

Vehicles are an environmental weapon found in Dead Nation.


Found throughout all levels within the game, vehicles are a source of loot, and a handy weapon. By using a melee attack (R2) one can open the trunk and recieve an amount of loot which varies per difficulty level at 300-600 to up to 1500. After taking a fair amount of damage, usually around 6-7 rifle shots or a single charged rifle shot, the vehicle will catch fire. After about five to seven seconds, it will explode.

Some vehicles are equipped with an alarm, which will be activated by a single shot. Vehicles with alarms will be easily identified by red lights blinking in thier windows and doors. Zombies will be drawn to the sound of the alarm and attack the car, and ultimately be destroyed in the blast.

Mouths, Jumpers, and Choppers ignore alarm cars, but will all take significant damage from any car blast. Cars are an excellent sourse of loot and money, especially late in the game where weapons and ammo will be an issue. In Multiplayer, loot acquired from cars will NOT be shared between players. First come, First served.

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