"Exceptionally powerful at close range and able to shred multiple z's with a single shot. However, a slow rate of fire and limited range make this weapon less effective against fast moving targets." -Dead Nation description.

True to its description, the Shotgun is a devastating weapon in close range combat, able to dismember and kill even the strongest of non-special infected in a single blast even on the highest of difficulties. The slow rate of fire can be offset by investing into the Rate of Fire upgrade, which when fully upgraded has a tremendous fire rate. Caution should be used while equipping this weapon, as being in such close proximity to the infected can be hazardous to the player.

Upgrades Edit

  • Purchase Price: $20,000
    • Fully upgraded: $610,000
  • First available: Downtown
  • 10 upgrade levels: $5,000 - $25,000
  • $135,000 to max each upgrade stat
  • $540,000 to max all stats (+$50,000 with Laser)

4 upgrade stats:

  • Rate of Fire: 1.0 - 3.3
  • Power: 1.0 - 3.3
  • Clip: 4 - 13
  • Max Inventory: 10 - 55

Laser Sight: $50,000

Ammo Cost: $50/shell

Notes Edit

  • The weapon has a dangerously lengthy reload time
  • The initial rate of fire is slow, but this can be reduced dramatically by upgrades.
  • This is the most expensive weapon in the game to fully upgrade, costing twice or more than most other weapons (except the SMG). Plan your upgrades!
  • Given the broad arc of fire, the laser sight is a less essential upgrade than on other weapons.