"Emits an electrical charge powerful enough to kill a rampaging bull elephant. Due to the conductive nature of zombies the current will spread amongst them popping heads as it goes. Truly a thing of beauty."-Dead Nation description

Characteristics Edit

True to it's description, the Shocker can deal massive damage at an outstanding pace, and the charge can be conducted through multiple infected at a time.

Upgrades Edit

  1. Power-5 ranks
  2. Range-5 ranks
  3. Clip-5 ranks
  4. Max Inventory-5 ranks

Notes Edit

  • Due to it's high rate of fire, this weapon works particularly well for stunning/staggering Cutters. Caution must still be taken though, as if they get close enough they can still perform the attacks, usually causing the death of the player on higher difficulties.
  • This weapon uses it's ammunition reserves rather quickly, so the player should use this weapon sparingly.
  • This weapon has quite a lengthy reload time, however, this can be shortened by starting the reload animation, then dashing or swapping to another weapon and back.

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