"Ideal for controlling larger groups of undead but lacks the firepower against tougher opponents. Upgradeable to an extremely fast rate of fire." -Dead Nation description

Characteristics Edit

The SMG is the perfect crowd control weapon for most of the game with its high rate of fire and (when upgraded) decent power. It's recommended to upgrade the Max Inventory and Power first, then anything else after, as you will find you run out of ammo a bit too quickly. Just hope to find some Blue Crates (ammo and item resupply) if this is your only secondary weapon.

Despite the ingame description, when upgraded this weapon excels in dealing devastating amounts of damage against even the strongest opponents. So as well as being a crowd control weapon, it is also an effective "Boss Killer".

Upgrades Edit

  • Purchase Price: $10,000
    • Fully upgraded: $575,000
  • First available: The Beginning (after first/tutorial stage)
  • 10 upgrade levels: $5,000 - $25,000
  • $135,000 to max each upgrade stat
  • $540,000 to max all stats (+$25,000 with Laser)

4 upgrade stats:

  • Rate of Fire: 1.0 - 2.0
  • Power: 1.0 - 2.5
  • Clip: 40 - 130
  • Max Inventory: 150 - 825

Laser Sight: $25,000

Ammo Cost: $5/round

Notes Edit

  • Concentrated continuous fire on one target can be used to "Stunlock" even the toughest enemies, such as Cutters; inhibiting or reducing their ability to move or attack. This allows them to be dispatched with relative ease, so long as the proper distance is maintained. And as long as your clip doesn't run out before they're dead.
  • This is the second most expensive weapon to fully upgrade, about twice or more the upgrade cost of other weapons except the Shotgun.
  • When upgrading, decide if your priority is sweeping up weak enemy hordes, or using the SMG as a "Boss Killer" .
    • For sweeping weak enemies, upgrade Max Inventory, then Rate of Fire and Clip Size together. 
    • For killing bosses (special infected), upgrade Power and Rate of Fire together, then Max Inventory and Clip Size.