Dangerous and most common Special Infected. Attacks rapidly from surprise, leaping from walls or other flat surfaces, or emerging from manholes.

Characteristics Edit

The Runner has a greenish color, A lanky build with elongated limbs, and runs at the player. If you spot one on a wall, take note that they do not begin chase unless you open the crates, get too close, or shoot them.

Strategy Edit

  • A good strategy to deal with Runners is to use the Rifle's charged shot, particularly if you spot them before they move/attack.
  • They tend to strafe and dodge often, so melee or shoot one to stun it, then fire a charged shot.
  • The SMG or other rapid firing weapon is effective if the Runner is already moving by the time you spot it - they are very fast and can be hard to hit, even when you are used to their evasion patterns.
  • Runners are affected by Flares and other distracting equipment Items.
  • Another way to deal with them is by lighting them on fire using a Flamethrower or Molotov (or fire in the environment).
  • The Laser Sight on the Rifle (or other weapons) is useful for spotting Runners hiding flat up against walls or other structures. Pan the laser beam around and watch for the increased 'pickle' that indicates a zombie target.

Location Edit

The Runner can be first seen on the first level.