"Fuel Filled glass bottles which shatter and create a firewall that blocks enemies from approaching the user."-Dead Nation description

Characteristics Edit

As the description states, the Molotov creates a wall of fire perpendicular to the player, deterring and disabling oncoming infected as they approach. The fire wall is wide enough to block most alleys, doorways, gateways, bridges, and other choke points, but is not wide enough to completely block the widest roads (unless there are other obstructions near the edges of the road).

Area of Effect Edit

The wall of fire created is about the same width as the diameter of the blast area of a Mine. It is around one sixth deep, as it is wide.

Upgrades Edit

  • Item Price: $1000/Molotov
  • All upgrades: $35,000
  • Max loadout: $4000 / 4 Molotovs
  • First available: Sorrow Park

1 upgradeable stat:

  • Max Inventory
    • 4 upgrade levels: $5,000 - $20,000 (5/10/20)
    • $35,000 to max this stat
  • $35,000 to max all stats

Notes Edit

  • Similar to the Flamethrower, the player can be set ablaze if a flaming zombie makes contact with them. In addition, the player will be set on fire if they contact the fire wall directly. To put out the player being on fire, use Rush (L2).
  • As fire is unlikely to kill many enemies, use the delay and blocking caused by the firewall as a means of bunching up the horde, and destroy it with other means. Or use it to delay attackers on one side of you, while dealing with attackers on the other side.
  • While the Molotov is more specialised than the other items, using one in the relevant situations will help conserve the more useful items for the situations where those items are needed and a Molotov can't be used.
  • Molotovs excel when the enemy can only approach you along a relatively narrow line or through a gap.
  • Molotovs do not trigger car explosions, so they are useful for fighting near cars that you don't want to blow up yet.
  • The Molotov will deploy as soon as it hits a solid object (or enemy) in its path. Sometimes you can be lucky and throw a Molotov through a gap in a fence, or over a wall. Other times you can be unlucky and deploys right in front of you, catching you on fire. 
  • It is risky to use Molotovs in tight situations where you are being overrun or enemies are coming in from multiple angles. In these situations you have a high risk of getting on fire and also failing to stop the onrushing enemies. In those situations use a flare, or even a grenade or mine, rather than a Molotov