"Fitted with explosive shells that can take out dozens of zombies with one blast. This weapon should always be used from a safe distance to avoid unwanted casualties." -Dead Nation description

Characteristics Edit

A real powerhouse of a weapon, the Launcher can easily decimate the infected. One should be warned, standing within the blast radius can be proven harmful to the player, the same as standing in other explosive areas. It's advised not to use this weapon while swarmed, as being in such close proximity may prove fatal to the player.

Blast RadiusEdit

The Blast Radius of a Launcher is about half as much as a Grenade at the same upgrade level, so for example a Blast Radius 3.0x Launcher shell affects about the same area as a Blast Radius 1.5x Grenade. A Launcher Blast Radius of 3.0x is about the same blast area as a Mine .

Upgrades Edit

  • Purchase Price: $100,000
    • Fully upgraded: $355,000
  • First available: Edge of City
  • Blast Radius
    • 5 upgrade levels: $10,000 - $60,000 (10/20/40/60)
    • $130,000 to max this stat
  • Max Inventory
    • 3 upgrade levels: $50,000 - $75,000
    • $125,000 to max this stat
  • $255,000 to max all stats

2 upgrade stats:

  • Blast Radius 1.0 - 3.0
  • Max Inventory: 0 - 10

Clip: 5

Laser Sight: N/A

Ammo Cost: $500/shell