The Jumper


Special Infected

Special Ability

High jumps with the ability to create shockwaves on landing



First Appeareance

Chapter IV: Grieving Towers

The Jumper is a hulking, aggressive and agile Infected capable of performing leaps across huge distances, it will attempt to pounce on the player and make contact or cause damage with its shockwave attack. Jumpers must not be under-estimated as they can easily kill a careless player, however, its attacks are relatively simple to dodge with the rush manouvre and it can be dispatched fairly quickly with charged up Rifle shots or a Shotgun. As with every special infected it is very dangerous to get close, even when the Jumper has already jumped. Its close-range ground pound attack does a very large amount of damage in a short amount of time.

On Normal difficulty a Jumper can be killed by 3 charged shots from a fully powered up Rifle, about 2-3 blasts of a fully powered up Shotgun, 40-50 fully powered up SMG rounds, or 3-4 Blade Cannon hits (1.0 diameter blades).

The Jumper is not fought by the player until Chapter IV, but towards the end of the 1st chapter one leaps onto the roof of the Weapons Shop.