Health Packs are health Pickups which restore a small amout of your Health bar, restoring around 1/6th - 1/8th of total Health. They are depicted as small, green, glowing stereotypical first-aid kit. They may be dropped randomly upon killing most types of zombies. Soldier zombies and large special infected are much more likely to drop health packs. They are also deposited once, when interacting (R2) with each undamaged drinks vending machine.


  • Health packs are the only type of pickup that persist in the game world after being dropped. All other pickups disappear soon after being dropped, if they are not collected by the player.
  • In darkness or ground clutter, health packs can be spotted by the dot of bright green light they emit.
    • (However similar green spots can be seen on zombie body parts, which can cause confusion)
  • If the player is injured (less than full Health), move into the health pack to use it. It is not necessary (or possible) to use the Interact button (R2).
  • If the player is uninjured (only), interacting (R2) with a health pack causes it to be "stomped" and turned into a random amount of money.
  • If Health is in the red zone, if possible wait for Health to recover to green (about 25%) first before using a health pack.
  • If near to a Checkpoint, consider stomping any remaining health packs for money, as Health is fully restored at each Checkpoint.