"Delivering a continuous stream of burning liquid, the Flamer can set large crowds of infected on fire. Fire spreads easily, so extreme caution is advised!" -Dead Nation description

This is a pretty straightforward weapon, It delivers a stream of fire that can cripple hordes of infected. The Flamethrower isn't usually used as a primary weapon except against weak enemies. Instead it is used more like an aimable Molotov. As the description says, the player should be careful while using this weapon, as they can also be set ablaze if a burning infected makes contact with them. Though fire on a player can be extinguished by Rushing (L2).

The main effect of setting enemies on fire is that they slow down, may move away from the player, and may attack less aggressively. Fire will only kill the weaker enemies, but stopping the aggressive action and movement buys you time to counterattack by other means while the zombies are confused by burning. 

Like the Shocker and SMG , it is economical to fire this weapon in a series of very short bursts, rather than holding the trigger down continuously. With multiple shots on the target, it is possible to kill even Special Infected directly with this weapon. But the most effective use is to delay enemies while you finish them off with another weapon, such as the humble Rifle .

Upgrades Edit

  • Purchase Price: $30,000
    • Fully upgraded: $230,000
  • First available: Sorrow Park
  • 5 upgrade levels: $5,000 - $20,000
  • $50,000 to max each upgrade stat
  • $200,000 to max all stats

4 upgrade stats:

  • Power 1.0 - 2.3
  • Range 1.0 - 1.5
  • Tank 100 - 300
  • Max Inventory: 0 - 600

Laser Sight: N/A

Ammo Cost: $10/unit