"Extremely unstable explosive with more than enough firepower. Handle with care!" -Dead Nation description

Characteristics Edit

As stated by the ingame description, the Dynamite is an extremely potent explosive item with a large blast radius.

Blast RadiusEdit

Dynamite has by far the biggest blast radius in the game. The blast radius is about 50% more than an exploding Vehicle and about double the blast radius of the next most powerful Item, a fully upgraded Grenade  The blast is about the same size as the blast from an exploding Fuel Tank. 

Notes Edit

  • The Dynamite has a longer fuse time compared to the standard Grenade, which is both beneficial and detrimental. Beneficial in the sense that it allows enough time for the player to escape the blast radius. Detrimental because it requires a bit of planning to maximise the Dynamite's potential, which can be hard to do with faster enemies.
  • Can be moved if an explosion goes off before it detonates.

Upgrades Edit

  • Item Price: $2000/Dynamite
  • All upgrades: $30,000
  • Max loadout: $4000 / 2 Dynamite
  • First available: Graveyard

1 upgradeable stat:

  • Max Inventory
    • 2 upgrade levels: $30,000
    • $30,000 to max this stat
  • $30,000 to max all stats