The Cutter


Special Infected

Special Ability

Machete-like hands

Tough skin



First Appeareance

Chapter V: Edge of City

"Tell me doc. what's three times your size, has machetes for hands and skin as tough as a rock?" - Jack McReady/Scarlet Blake

The Cutter is arguably the most dangerous of the Special Infected. Its blade like hands can rip a man in half with just two hits, even able to perform instant kills on higher difficulties. The Cutter is also extremely resistant, as weapons like the Blade Cannon cannot take down this beast easily.

It's advised the the player keeps moving when facing a Cutter and unloads their weaponry on it, because if the Cutter gets close enough to hit the player, it has an opportunity to cause severe damage or outright kill them.

The cutter is mentioned to be a bio weapon constructed to combat the infection, however this method seems to have backfired, as the creature hunts and kills the living, whilst aiding the undead.

Notes Edit

  • If the player is skilled enough, they can lure the Cutter into using their charge attack on other infected, instantly killing them and severely damaging Special Infected, if in range of the creatures devastating attack.
  • The Cutter can be killed with relative ease if hit with a high rate of fire weapon, such as the Shocker and SMG, as the bombardment of rounds will put the Cutter into a constant stunned state, known as a "Stunlock". Caution must still be taken, as though stunned the Cutter can still attack the player and likely kill them if they are too close.
  • On Normal difficulty the Cutter can be killed by about 3 hits from a Launcher.