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The Bombie


Special Infected

Special Ability




First Appeareance

Chapter II: Downtown

The Bombie is a massive special zombie that is basically a walking fuel-tank; it explodes near the player and deals a significant amount of damage. When you shoot it, make sure you use the rifle's charged shot (hold R1) or shoot from a safe distance, as the resulting explosion will devastate your health.

In addition to hurting the player, this zombie's explosion hurts other zombies, special or not. It also damages cars, so it may be wise to kite the Bombie away from cars to save the loot inside, its explosive capability, and a car alarm if it has one.

An easy way to take one on alone is to let it come towards you and right before it decides to explode, indicated by the stomach gas coming out of its mouth as a spectrum, rush away at the last second (L2).

Setting one aflame does not reduce its speed drastically, but it does have a visible impact.


  • In the last chapter, you might find a Santa Claus model for it. It is seen near a blue crate behind a ambulance truck on the last stand after the last safehouse.

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